90 Year Old Crest

As many of you may know or not know, but Rock Springs High School has a crest that is 90 years old this year. The seal was created in 1927 by students and is the same familiar symbol in 2017 as it was in 1927. In the late Spring of 1927, the Rock Springs High School Student Council decided that a school seal would be a valuable addition to the symbolism of the school. They agreed the seal would represent the chief industry of the city at that time. A pick and a shovel became part of the emblem and a few sprouts of sagebrush were added to portray the character of the surrounding country. An open book and a torch of knowledge depicted scholarship, while a loving cup represented sportsmanship, comradeship and loyalty.

The Fall of 1927 was the first display of the seal. Today, the seal is seen at various places in School District Number One, including the high school. Those on the committee who designed the crest in 1927 were: Chairman Fred Kellogg, Elizabeth Wilson, Clarence Meacham, and Keith Dickson.

SCSD1 Logo Vector