Spencer West

A 1998 RSHS Graduate, Spencer West is a world-renowned speaker and athlete most popular for being the first amputee to ever reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro—tallest single-standing mountain in the world. What makes this so incredible is the Spencer only had the top half of his body, his lower half had been amputated when he was very young due to a birth defect. In spite of his disability, Spencer never sulked; instead, he saw his disability as a means of encouraging others to achieve their goals.

He has attended and spoken in numerous events and conferences, and has addressed millions of people from all over the world, sharing the stage with some of the most influential people, such as Dr. Jane Goodall, Al Gore, the Dalai Lama, and his very own idol, Jason Mraz.

Spencer is also an active philanthropist, having devoted his life to helping other people and inspiring them to never let their disabilities keep them from reaching their dreams and goals in life. He supports numerous charitable organizations such as Free The Children and Me to We, which are at encouraging the young generation to become productive members of society.

On top of all this, Spencer is also an accomplished author, having written an autobiography entitled “Standing Tall: My Journey.” In this book, Spencer illustrated his childhood life and how he was able to keep himself optimistic and determined in the midst of all the obstacles that he faced while he was growing up. Since its release, Standing Tall” has become a bestseller and has earned praises from numerous critics for Spencer’s attempt to share his life to others through writing. Through his book, Spencer has reached out to more people than he ever could with his personal appearance, something that he greatly values.