Tom Manatos

Thomas N. Manatos was born on December 21, 1919 in Rock Springs, Wyoming. He attended and graduated from Rock Springs High School in 1937 and went on to graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics in 1941. He then fulfilled his student teaching in Evanston, Wyoming.

World War II interrupted Tommy’s teaching and he was called to serve in the US Army in 1942 for three and a half years. During that time he became a Lieutenant in the third Army under General George S. Patton where he was in put in charge of an Army’s Mobile Field Hospital.

After the war, Tom returned to Wyoming and began what was to be his forty year career and love, teaching. His first job was in Reliance, Wyoming where he taught for ten years and also served eight of those ten years as their Assistant Basketball Coach. In 1957 he then became one of the pillars in education at Rock Springs High School, teaching three generations of students Geometry and Math Analysis. He always had knack for identifying a students potential and nurturing it. Heaven help the student who did not work to his potential, complete his homework, folded his paper crooked or had his shirt tail out.

Tom’s second passion was Wyoming Cowboy and Rock Springs High School sports. Known as the “Voice of the Tigers”, he broadcast both football and basketball games over the radio for greater than 20 years. It was once said that he “possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of Wyoming sports”.

But his first love ways always his family and spending time with each an every one, which sometimes included long road trips during the summers to Washington, D.C. and California. He loved sitting with his brothers and sisters reminiscing and enjoying his many nieces and nephews. He also enjoyed drinking coffee and playing golf with his friends and fellow teachers.

He will always be remembered for his dedication to teaching, his love of a good ball game, and appreciation of a great piece of pie. After his passing in 2004, a Scholarship Fund was established in his name at Rock Springs High School for a Mathematics student.